'Be not afraid of greatness:' 'twas well writ.

-Billie Shakespeare


In addition to our own works, we have published countless documents—from single pages to multi-volume compilations of highly technical manual sets.


Keeping Them Alive

106 pages, written and published in 1983 by Randall Prue (of wellwrit.com), Keeping Them Alive tells you—in plain language—how to care for the most common house plants, without the use of chemicals. This pioneering classic remains popular over 20 years later. Approximately 100 copies remain of the second printing. Click the picture of the book for more information, and to order a copy.

Keeping Them Alive


Essence of Gliding

Ghost-written in interview with the subject-matter expert, The Essence of Gliding (now out of print) was then edited and published by wellwrit.com. We also published the e-book version (no longer available).

The Essence of Gliding


Newspaper: The Quebec Farmers' Advocate

We managed, edited (and wrote editorial content), laid out, and published The Quebec Farmers' Advocate.

November Edition

Quebec Farmers' Advocate


December Edition

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Quebec Farmers' Advocate