'Be not afraid of greatness:' 'twas well writ.

-Billie Shakespeare

Case Histories: Interface for Software Developers

Note: Icons are used with permission, and are owned and by our customer (with copyright and trademark protection). The WellWrit logo replaces our customer's logo in this example version. The WellWrit background replaces the original that incorporated our customer's name, logo, and color scheme.

Our customer, the operator of a major wireless Internet portal, needed an access point for designers of custom applications. The "O" shape and the blue colours are strongly associated with the company's branding and marketing, and so we reinforced these in the design of each icon, together with visual representations of the functionality that each represents.

Help Icon
The universally recognized question mark is instantly recognized as a link to help files.
Deploy Icon Deployment comprises the copying of files to multiple, precise locations, as indicated by the outward direction of the arrows.
Compile Icon
The Compile button initiates the assembly of multiple files to create an executable module, as represented by the arrows coming together at a single point.
Customize Icon
The Customize icon strongly reinforces the blue "O" from our customer's branding, and says instantly that the designer can define the presentation of their application (background "skins", colors, patterns, etc.)