'Be not afraid of greatness:' 'twas well writ.

-Billie Shakespeare

Case Histories: Behind the Scenes

The other day at a trade show, I watched a self-running presentation promoting a well-known multinational corporation. I recognized the presentation, because we produced it.

The host of the booth did not know that we had done it, and I didn't tell them. Why? Because they hired one of our competitors to produce the presentation. After several weeks of trying, and two days before the trade show, our competitor hired us to produce the perpetually looping demonstration, which we did, and delivered in less than 24 hours. A self-running demo is not a difficult task, but it is amazing how many simple tasks are not simply identified, executed, and returned to you. This conscientious approach to our work is what sets us apart from all but a few design and communication service providers.

This happens to us often: we are asked to do what others cannot, and we always deliver, on time and often under budget. Maybe we have already done work for you! Obviously, it is faster, simpler, and less expensive to hire us directly than to hire our competitors and wait for them to send the work to us.